Friends are like catalyst in life

Yesterday me with my all friends went for movie – X men Days of future past!Image

Movie was average but we had so much fun, we went there by ferry!

Traveling in ferry is pretty much fun! I am always amazed when i travel by ferry, to watching the river very closely , Beautiful weather

and very amusing sound of birds!

I think this is the best photo i have captured till now


While arriving we had dinner at govinda DHABA ! that was awesome …. (not actually)…but we are used to taking food in college mess it sounds pretty good! and on the TV CSK vs MI match was going on that was not interesting as it seems very clear that CSK will easily win the game..

After Dinner we walked into campus and the distance was too much.. around 5km.. and we had taken so much food so seems more longer 😛 in the whole way we were talking about any thing that came across our mind and just enjoying.. singing songs..pretty fun!

We traveled that distance in around 2hrs.. and every thing was awesome…

I had just started to writing blogs and my English is also not that good will try to write better blog next time!

Thank you!


Using Topcoder Arena behind a Proxy Server -> Algorithms SRM -> Launch Arena


On PC -> Configure Java ->General Setting -> Set Proxy


Install Applet for Arena

Select any tunnel and set proxy and choose port as 80

Enter Username and password

Now enter Topcoder username and password -> new window will open


Select Pratice Rooms then choose problem -> New window with problem and Text Editor will be poped up.

That’s it!